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Spring is Finally Here!

Living in the Midwest April is a huge turning point for the weather. After months and months of sub-zero weather that burns your cheeks and enough snow to bury your car, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Ok there was a year not too long ago where we got over nine inches of snow in April. But thankfully that is a rare occurrence.

Now it is officially mud season. Those of us with children and dogs (I have both) are plagued with muddy prints throughout the house. The ground that was once christened with hills of white are brown and soft. Though in all honesty I will take the brown mud over the snow any day.

What I personally look forward to the most is the change in weather. The air lost its bite and is more welcoming to those who need to leave their homes. Walks with the dog are no longer a dreaded event as you return home with little feeling left in your fingers. The sunshine is no longer mocking you with a deception of warmth.

As a homeschool mom my children get pretty crazy during the winter. In the beginning the weather allows for them to still play outside and release their energy. As you enter into late December however it can easily get below zero with the wind chill. You do your best to release the energy inside but it can only go so far.

With the warmer weather afternoon walks and trips to the park can return. Spring through Fall the kids I swear are much better behaved. This goes for the dog as well. Honestly I think in the Midwest everyone's mood lifts once the snow fully melts.

The only downside of spring is the copious amounts of rain in April and early May. It almost mocks us as we wish to enjoy the outdoors. The air is warmer but we still cannot enjoy the great outdoors.

This rain makes for great writing and reading weather though. I don't know what it is about the rain that makes me want to write. Its as though my mind works better when the option of being outside is taken away. Even better when paired with a perfect cup of tea.

So my question to you is what is your favorite part about spring? Are you like me and long for the warmer weather and longer days? Or do you enjoy the aspects of winter?

Either way get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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