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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Have you ever sat down to write something and came up blank? Like the paper or computer were mocking the lack of inspiration. You have all the ideas you wanted until you sat in your chair and went to write them down.

This has been me trying to finish the series I just published. While I struggled a bit with The Mark of Enchantment, book two seemed to cascade onto the page. There was very little times I went to write that the story did not come to me. I was excited to start on book three as I finished book two.

My excitement was short lived sadly. It has been a struggle. I get an idea, I go to write it, but alas nothing feels right. Almost as if my brain is over thinking the words I want to place upon the page.

I didn't know what to do. I have been frustrated and frankly I haven't written much of it yet. I knew however I couldn't not write this book. Fi needed the ending to her story.

I am part of many writers groups and decided to reach out. First off, the amount of support from these groups has been insurmountable. Without them I don't know if I would have been able to figure out certain aspects. So to all of my fellow writers thank you.

This is where I came upon this amazing piece of advice. The advice that has now gotten me seven chapters deep into book three. Write.

I know that seems like obvious advice. Obviously I need to write to get the story out. How is that any kind of ground breaking advice?

The advice doesn't say write well. It doesn't say write the story perfectly. It simply was just to write. Write two to five pages a day. They may be garbage. The next day you may have go through and revise almost 90% of it. But you got something on the paper.

I have been surprised at how much this has helped. I am not writing gold it is a first draft. It is supposed to be messy and in need of being reworked. I am not writing what will be in the published book this time around. I am getting my ideas onto the paper.

I am hopeful now of finishing Fi's story and doing it the justice she deserves. It also will keep me going in the next two series I have planned to write next. And any others that follow. So if you want to write and keep staring at the blank page my advice to you is: just write.


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