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My name is C.E.Keefer.

Even as a young child I would conjure up stories with my imagination. It was always my dream to create and share the words inside my head. I have finally reached that dream after years of working in secret.

After having my kids I thought my writing days were over. My time was no longer my own. However, one's dream does not die that quickly. After stealing away time I am now able to write the books I always dreamed of.

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The Rune of Light

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The Mark of Enchantment

August 18, 2021

     Magic could either save Abaddon or destroy it.


     Fi Silvera was born into a world where magic was both rare and feared. A millennium ago, magic was abundant but reigned destruction and chaos.       

     With Abaddon crumbling before them, the elves sealed it away. Now however, it has returned. With it wars and disease plagued the people of Abaddon.

     It was then a savior came, Syler. He alone had mastered magic and saved Abaddon from ruin. Now, few were born with the sign of a wizard, the Mark of Enchantment. However, Syler might not be everything he seems.

     Unknown to Fi, she holds a deep-rooted secret that could change everything. Now she is stuck between deception and a prophecy. Fi could be the only person to stop Syler’s dark secrets. Will she turn from her destiny or face the man deemed savior?


The Rune of Light

August 30th, 2022

After a long journey across Soeric, Fi and her companions find themselves in the country of Adonia. The long hard days and harsh frigid nights wear on them. Though after learning more of the prophecy, they must make it to Kaweil, the land of the dwarves.

There they hope to find the Rune of Light and release the magic within. The dwarves, however, will not give it easily. Their mines have been invaded by strange creatures and the dwarven lord does not trust outsiders.

Fi must survive in the kingdom of the dwarves while keeping her magic a secret. Can she find the Rune of Light and control her magic before Syler hunts her down? Or is her time running out?

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“You fail only if you stop writing.”

Ray Bradbury

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